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      Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
      Wide-Field / High Productivity KrF Scanner

      • Features
      • Specifications

      Basic Information

      Model Name: FPA-6300ESW


      FPA-6300ESW scanners are equipped with a Wide-Field Lens

      By changing the projection lens magnification (4:1 → 3.125:1), FPA-6300ESW scanners realize a wider exposure field with the reticle size remaining at 6 inches.
      The FPA-6300ESW is the only KrF scanner in the world that can expose a full size CMOS image sensor without *stitching because 33 mm x 42.2 mm can be exposed in one shot.

      • *Stitching exposure: A method of increasing exposure field size by connecting two or more adjacent exposure regions. The positional accuracy and alignment of the adjacent exposure regions directly affects the yield.

      FPA-6300ESW scanners are derived from the proven FPA-6300ES6a Platform

      FPA-6300ESW scanners adopt technology developed to support Front-End-Of-the-line (FEOL) semiconductor manufacturing processes and are able to provide the similar utilization and reliability as FPA-6300ES6a scanners.
      FPA-6300ESW scanners also feature an extendable platform allowing field upgrades for improving productivity and overlay accuracy.


      ≦ 130 nm
      NA (Numerical Aperture)
      0.45~0.70 (Variable)
      Reduction Ratio
      Field Size
      33 mm x 42.2 mm
      Exposure Wavelength
      KrF 248 nm
      Reticle Size
      6 inch
      Wafer Size
      300 mm (12 inch)
      Overlay Accuracy
      Main Body Dimensions
      (W) 2,300 x (D) 5,155 x (H) 2,900 mm
      Major Options
      AFIS Illumination System
      SMIF OHT Kit
      PC Remote Console
      Online Function (GEM2)
      Pellicle Particle Checker