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      Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
      High Productivity / High Overlay Accuracy i-line Stepper

      • Features
      • Specifications

      Basic Information

      Model Name: FPA-5550iZ2


      FPA-5550iZ2 steppers provide the highest productivity & overlay accuracy among i-line Lithography Equipment

      Canon has achieved the *highest level of productivity (throughput) among all equivalent class i-line Lithography Equipment. FPA-5550iZ2 steppers optimize alignment, exposure & wafer transfer sequences, shorten wafer lot exchange times and speed up measurement and calibration processing to reduce wafer processing times.

      FPA-5550iZ2 steppers can apply a Shot Shape Compensator (SSC Unit) to enable intrafield correction of vertical and horizontal magnification differences and skew (shot distortion in diagonal orientation) within each exposure field. The SSC Unit employs original Canon technology in the projection optical system that allows improved matching to underlying layers and improved overlay accuracy.

      • *Among equivalent class of i-line steppers, as of December 14, 2016 (Examination by Canon). FPA-5550iZ2 throughput is improved approximately 20% compared with the standard performance of the previous FPA-5550iZ stepper (exposure condition: 300 mm wafer, 96 shots, 1000 J/m2).

      FPA-5550iZ2 steppers feature a variety of solutions for logic, memory & image sensor fabrication

      Productivity and Overlay Improvement options that balance throughput and overlay accuracy are available. Color filter and other alignment system options established for earlier FPA-5550iZ steppers allow stable operation and flexibility for a variety of processes.


      ≦ 350 nm
      NA (Numerical Aperture)
      0.57~0.45 (Variable)
      Reduction Ratio
      Field Size
      26 mm x 33 mm
      Exposure Wavelength
      i-line 365 nm
      Reticle Size
      6 inch
      Wafer Size
      200 mm (8 inch), 300 mm (12 inch) (Selection)
      Overlay Accuracy
      SMO ≦15 nm, MMO ≦ *20 nm
      Main Body Dimensions
      (W) 2,300 x (D) 3,660 x (H) 3,000 mm
      Major Options
      Productivity Improvement Option
      Overlay Accuracy Improvement Option
      Oxygen Concentration Control System
      Non-linear Alignment Compensation Function (EAGA-FL)
      Chemical Filter
      Resist Outgas Exhaust Unit
      PC Remote Console
      Online Function (GEM2)
      Pellicle Particle Checker
      • *= Options Required