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      Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
      i-line Stepper for IoT and MEMS devices

      • Features
      • Specifications

      Basic Information

      Model Name: FPA-3030i5+


      FPA-3030i5+ steppers are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of IoT and MEMS manufacturers.

      FPA-3030i5+ steppers provide flexibility to *IoT and **MEMS manufacturers processing a wide variety of substrates and materials. FPA-3030i5+ steppers are capable of providing 350 nm imaging resolution, while maintaining overlay accuracy of less than or equal to 40nm and throughput equal to or in excess of 104 wafers per hour.

      • *IoT: "Internet of Things" or IOT is the complex system of sensors, actuators, data networks and data processing hardware and software that collect, transfer, evaluate and act upon data without human interaction.
      • **MEMS: "Micro Electro Mechanical Systems" or MEMS are devices with a micron level mechanical structures that integrate sensors, actuators and electronic circuits.

      FPA-3030i5+ steppers feature a high-resolution i-line projection lens

      FPA-3030i5+ i-line steppers are equipped with a 1:5 reduction magnification projection lens, delivering NA0.63 imaging across a 22 mm x 22 mm field. The FPA-3030i5+ resolution of 350 nm or less will meet or exceed the mass production imaging requirements of most if not all IOT and MEMS applications.

      FPA-3030i5+ steppers enjoy the high reliability of Canon's long-selling FPA-3000 platform steppers

      FPA-3000 platform steppers have been popular with customers since the launch of the FPA-3000i4 in 1994 and have a proven track record of reliability. FPA-3030i5+ steppers build upon the FPA-3000 success while offering improvements including the 6-axis non-contact wafer stage and improved focus system that allow for higher throughput.
      Compatibility with FPA-3000i5 reticles and recipes allows effective use of existing facilities and assets.

      FPA-3030i5+ Wafer Feeder and Reticle Changer Systems are compatible with a variety of substrates types

      FPA-3030i5+ Wafer Feeders are capable of supporting a wide range of wafer sizes from 100 mm (4 inch) to 200 mm (8 inch). An optional Multi-Wafer Kit is also available that allows the stepper to quickly switch between 2 wafer sizes.
      FPA-3030i5+ Reticle Changers can be configured for 5 inch or 6 inch reticle handling, allowing reuse of existing reticles.


      ≦ 350 nm
      NA (Numerical Aperture)
      0.63~0.45 (Variable)
      Reduction Ratio
      Field Size
      22 mm x 22 mm
      Exposure Wavelength
      i-line 365 nm
      Reticle Size
      5 inch / 6 inch (Selection)
      Wafer Size
      100 mm (4 inch), 125 mm (5 inch), 150 mm (6 inch), 200 mm (8 inch) (Selection)
      Overlay Accuracy
      ≦ 40 nm
      Main Body Dimensions
      (W) 1,900 x (D) 2,600 x (H) 2,450 mm
      Major Options
      Through-Silicon Alignment Scope (TSA-Scope)
      Wafer Handling Kit for Special Substrates
      PC Remote Console
      Online Function (GEM2, GEM0304)
      Pellicle Particle Checker