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      Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
      KrF Stepper for IoT devices

      • Features
      • Specifications

      Basic Information

      Model Name: FPA-3030EX6


      FPA-3030EX6 steppers are compatible with a variety of special substrates & small-sized substrates

      Equipped with the same Wafer Feeding System as the proven FPA-3030i5+ i-line stepper, the FPA-3030EX6 supports the handling of substrates of various materials, sizes and thicknesses used for manufacturing IoT & power devices.

      The FPA-3030EX6 offers the highest level of performance among KrF excimer laser steppers

      The performance of previous model FPA-3000EX6 steppers was inherited, and the highest-level of resolution (150 nm), overlay accuracy (25 nm) and productivity (throughput *121 wph) were achieved among KrF excimer laser steppers in the same class.

      • *200 mm (8 inch) wafer, 60 shots

      FPA-3030EX6 steppers are compatible with FPA-3000EX6 reticle and recipes

      Compatibility with FPA-3000EX6 reticles and recipes allows effective use of existing facilities and assets.


      ≦ 150 nm
      Reduction Ratio
      Field Size
      22 mm x 22 mm
      Exposure Wavelength
      KrF 248 nm
      Reticle Size
      6 inch
      Wafer Size
      100 mm (4 inch), 125 mm (5 inch), 150 mm (6 inch), 200 mm (8 inch) (Selection)
      Overlay Accuracy
      ≦ 25 nm
      Major Options
      Wafer Handling Kit for Special Substrates
      PC Remote Console
      Online Function
      Pellicle Particle Checker