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      Canon Group promotes various environmental initiatives globally.

      There are several FRONT RUNNERs behind each story to realize a society that promotes both enriched lifestyles and the global environment in the future.

      Vol.3 NEW

      Canon Canada - Branch Out Program

      On September 3, 2019

      “They quickly realized, though, that they were creating more than green spaces: they were branching out into local……

      Vol.2 NEW

      Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

      On September 3, 2019

      We want to end the single use of resources and utilize them more effectively. The recycling of plastics has become……

      Vol.1 NEW

      Company-wide Implementation of Energy-saving Activities based on 5Gs

      On September 3, 2019

      Canon has implemented a progressive program of energy-saving activities based on 5Gs methodology.