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      Contributing to a Society in Harmony with Nature

      Toward the nature- and human-friendly society

      Valuable forest resources, biodiversity, and various habitants are disappearing as a result of climate change and overdevelopment globally. Canon recognize that it is important to protect natural environment and biodiversity for the future sustainable society, and we promote conservation activities accordingly.

      Policy of biodiversity conservation

      Canon recognizes biodiversity as essential for a sustainable society. We carry out various activities to conserve and protect biodiversity under our Biodiversity Policy, which applies to the entire Canon Group.

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      Global Initiatives to harmonize with Nature

      Canon creates various initiatives, like the Bird Branch Project, to conserve the ecosystem and biodiversity.

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      We introduce our initiatives to harmonize with Nature.

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      Initiatives to Support Continuous Use of Sustainable Forestry Resources

      Canon promotes the use of sustainable forestry resources

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      To help support biodiversity, Canon promotes the use of sustainable forestry resources as the raw materials for paper production within the value chain. We have set procurement policies favoring the purchase of paper products derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Moreover, the office paper we sell is made under forest certification schemes or using environmentally conscious raw materials.

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      Other Canon's Environmental Material Activities

      We introduce other Canon's Environmental Material Activities.

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