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      The History of Canon1976 - 1987

      The first Premier Company Plan is launched

      History of Enterprise
      History of Products
      • The first Premier Company Plan is launched. A committee is established to discuss Canon development, production and sales systems.
      • The Kosugi office opens as a base for optical equipment.
      • Canon (U.K.) Ltd. is established.
      • Canon enters the facsimile machine market.
      • The AE-1 SLR camera with a built-in micro-computer is introduced, triggering an AE boom.


      • The CR-45NM, the world's first nonmydriatic retinal camera, is introduced.
      • Ryuzaburo Kaku is appointed president of Canon Inc.
        Ryuzaburo Kaku

        Ryuzaburo Kaku

      • The Utsunomiya plant of Tochigi Canon Inc. (today, Canon Inc.'s Utsunomiya Plant) opens.
      • The K-35 series of lenses for cinematography wins an Academy Award from the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
      • A product-specific business division structure is introduced.
      • Canon Australia Pty. Ltd. is established.
      • Canon begins offering color copying services.
      • The NP-8500, the world's first retention-type copying machine, is introduced.
      • The PLA-500FA, the world's first mask aligner with a laser-based automatic alignment system, is introduced.
      • Copyer Co., Ltd. becomes an affiliated company.
      • Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. is established.
      • Overseas sales exceed ¥100 billion for the first time.
      • The LBP-10, using a semiconductor laser, is introduced.


      • The AF35M, a fully automatic AF compact camera, is introduced.
      • A mini floppy disk drive is introduced.
      • The Canoword 55 Japanese-language word processor, the first such product with roman alphabet inputting, is introduced.
        Canoword 55

        Canoword 55

      • The Telefax B-601, Japan's first G2 fax, is introduced.
      • The Auto Ref R-1, an automatic refractometer, is introduced.
      • The Hiratsuka Plant opens as the Component Development Center.
      • The Ami Plant opens as a precision equipment factory for the manufacture of facsimiles and precision molds.
      • The Ueno Plant opens as a copying machine and laser printer chemical product manufacturing factory.
      • The NP-8500 SUPER, an ultrahigh-speed copying machine capable of producing 135 copies per minute, is introduced.
      • The New F-1, a professional-use system SLR, is introduced.
      • A CVC video system is introduced.
      • The Second Premier Company Plan is launched.
      • Oita Canon Inc. is established in Japan.
      • The PC-10 and PC-20, the world's first personal copying machines with replaceable cartridges, are introduced.
      • The HT-3000 handy terminal is introduced.
      • The AS-100 16-bit personal computer is introduced.
      • The AP400 and AP500 electronic typewriters (for Western languages) are introduced.
      • The Crib-O-Gram, an audio-visual tester for infants, is introduced.
      • Canon Bretagne S.A.S. is established in France.
      • The Utsunomiya Optical Products Plant opens as a factory to manufacture mask aligners and peripheral equipment.
      • The CanoWord Mini 5 personal-use word processor is introduced.
      • The MyCard, credit card-sized calculator, is introduced.
      • The T50 SLR camera is introduced and wins Japan's 1983 Good Design Grand Prize.
      • A joint technology agreement is signed in the PRC; copying machine production starts at facilities in Zhanjiang and Tianjin.
      • Canon Components, Inc. is established in Japan.
      • The PC Printer 70 is introduced as the world's first plain-paper reader/printer for COM.
      • Canon announces laser beam facsimile machines.
      • Practical tests of a still video camcorder are conducted at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.
      • The digital laser copying machine system NP-9030 is introduced.
      • The LBP-8/CX, the world's smallest and lightest laser printer, is introduced.
      • The FPA-1500FA stepper for 1 MDRAM is introduced.
      • The PV14 x 12.5B HD, a zoom lens for high-definition television, is announced.
      • Canon Virginia, Inc., is established in the U.S.A.
      • A tie-up agreement related to computer technology is concluded with Hewlett-Packard Co. of the U.S.
      • Lotte Canon Co., Ltd. (today, Canon Korea Business Solutions Inc.), a joint venture, is established in the ROK.
      • The BJ-80, the world's first inkjet printer using Bubble Jet technology, is introduced.
      • The Canofile 5500 electronic filing system is introduced.
      • The EZPS5300 electronic editing and printing system is introduced.
      • The Canovision 8 VM-E1, an 8 mm video camcorder, is introduced.
      • A tie-up agreement covering ISDN fax interface technology is concluded with Siemens AG of Germany.
      • A tie-up agreement covering advanced medical equipment is concluded with Eastman Kodak Co. of the U.S.
      • The FC-3 and FC-5 portable personal-use copying machines are introduced.


      • The FAX L3100, conforming to the G4 standard, is introduced.
      • The Canola BP1210-D, a Bubble Jet desktop calculator, is introduced.
      • The T90 high-performance electronic SLR camera is introduced.
      • The RC-701, the world's first still video camera, and video system is introduced.
      • Sales begin for the Auto Keratometer RK-1, which can measure both refractivity and corneal shape.
      • Canon’s Corner Cube Reflector is installed in the Ajisai geodetic satellite.
      • The Canon Foundation is established to provide assistance for research into mutual understanding between Japan and Europe.
      • Canon licenses camera technologies to GoldStar Precision of Korea, which begins production.
      • The CLC-1, a digital full-color copying machine, is introduced.
      • The EOS autofocus SLR camera is introduced along with a range of EF lenses.
        EOS 650

        EOS 650

      • The Board Copier A-1, an electronic blackboard that can print on plain paper, is introduced.
      • Sales of the CanoWord α series Japanese word processor begin.
      • Canon launches a broadcasting lens with 50x zoom, then the highest zoom ratio in the world.
      • Sales of CAPLAS, a CAE software application for use in injection molding, commence.